Website Design

This isn’t a matter of stunning graphics, pretty pixels and breath-taking layouts.

Of course, those things are important – but they mislead you as to what’s really (or at least should be) ‘under the hood’. Great design is much, much more than aesthetics. An effective website balances search engine demands, with conversion design concepts that subliminally lead your visitors from first click, to check out.

So, good looks, a search engine-friendly structure and a focus on conversion. Simple – you’re all set to go, aren’t you? Well, not quite. You see, web design is a looooooong journey.

The web design process begins with extensive research – we ask important questions – about your company, your audience and your competitors. We tap into what your typical visitor cares about, whether they may arrive with questions that need answers before taking the plunge. Much of the web design process is research exactly like this, from which designs emerge – story boards, wireframes and mock-ups – and plenty of user testing. We then develop our ideas to achieve an ever more effective experience – a website, that converts, a design, that instils trust, an online presence, that answers every question needed in order to make that sale or grab that enquiry. Ultimately, we build websites focused on nurturing your visitor onwards – to call, enquire or buy. That’s what makes an effective website, and that’s how web design is about more than mere aesthetics.

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You’d be surprised at how many web design companies out there lack this user-centric approach – and how many fail to do their client’s investment justice with designs that look great, but are commercially awful. Let’s talk about how that won’t be you.

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