Social Media Marketing

4 in 10 Social media users have purchased an item online or in-store after sharing it or marking it as a favourite

31% of all referral traffic is now from social media

There you have it. Social is growing in power for online performance. You’re now more informed than 50% of all digital marketers (or at least those who call themselves digital marketers).

Social Media is underestimated as a medium when it comes to teaming it up with SEO and PPC. It couldn’t be simpler:

You need the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google G+ and LinkedIn amongst your marketing mix.

The only question left is then how you go about it. This too, is simple. The answer, is sponsored social media marketing. This provides you with laser precise targeting (in fact, just about the most precise targeting of any marketing medium); couple this with powerful ads and an irresistible incentive to take action then and there (such as filling in an enquiry form or purchasing on your website) and you have the perfect approach for online success. With the power of this precision, we’ll pin-point your target audience and display your compelling adverts only to them.

Content is King (we know, we know… making your ears bleed, right?)

You might have heard the overused term that ‘content is king’ – whilst this phrase has now become as tedious as a twice-told tale (hey, it’s Shakespeare… what can we say, we’re a cultured bunch), it still holds true. In fact, a fully-fledged and informed content strategy is a must if you’re to invest in social search – and they have one thing in common – they can both be built around an in-depth understanding of your audience and the dynamic relationship you can and should have with your online target market. We get to grips with your customer journey, and the ways in which content can influence, inform and educate each potential buyer onwards to the next milestone.

Enough talk. Let’s show you the goods.

Now that you know the why and the what, let us show you the how – how we put together social strategies that reflect on the bottom line. Get in touch and we’ll talk you through it.

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