Pay Per Click Management

£3 in revenue for every £1 spent.

That’s our minimum end-goal for your PC budget.

Impressed? You should be. (But to achieve this you need the right know-how – and plenty of it).

Fast, measurable, highly targeted visitors. PPC can be considered a dream tool for businesses. But it’s also a complex, confusing world for anyone less than an expert. For those who don’t know the ins, outs, crinkles and wrinkles, there exists only marketing budgets that burn up overnight – with little to nothing to show for it.

Want some advice?

Forget outspending your competitors. Out- smart, think and perform them. That super shiny stat up there isn’t going to happen by luck, chance or accident. Your campaign must follow an informed strategy – developed around data that leads you every step of the way. This is what we’re good at (with a glowing track record to show for it) and this is what we’re going to do for you…

  • Home in on your business objectives, your audience and your competition.
  • Select optimal times or locations.
  • Put together professionally created Ad copy that is continually tested.
  • Create landing pages with calls to action that compel your visitors to take action.
  • Set up meaningful conversion tracking – for valuable insights and reports from which we can plan tangible actions.
  • Put in place painstaking conversion tracking – for discovering campaigns that are leading to pots of gold, and uncovering which are serving only as a money pit.
  • Set up meticulous monitoring – measuring and adjusting your campaign as we go (in English, this means that each pound will work harder month in, month out).

Heard enough?

Then we should get started – get in touch and we’ll tell you exactly what we’re able to achieve for your business.

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