Digital Marketing Events & Seminars

The opportunities presented online are never-ending.

But the challenges of marketing in this sphere are also wide, varied and many in number.

You need knowledge. Tailored to you. You need insight that’s actionable.

Our events span online marketing, sales analysis, PPC, SEO, Google Analytics, social media and LinkedIn – and sure, they’re seriously cost-effective, but that’s not the only reason to find out where we are next and what we’ll be speaking about.

Digital Marketing. In all its many forms.

Digital marketing incorporates an expansive array of mediums – sales analysis, PPC, SEO & Social Media. We cover them all, up and down the country (most popularly in London and Birmingham), throughout the year. We don’t squeeze in an impossible number of topics that only serve to make your head spin – we hone in on a single topic for tactics, tools and techniques that can be taken back to the office.

Engaging. That’s the one word that describes our events.

You know the routine – marketing events that promise the moon on a stick and then deliver anything but. Typically, these fall into one of two boxes – those that present useful information in a brain-deadening way (leaving delegates more focused on clock watching, rather than learning) and events that are filled with incredibly powerful guidance, only in baffling jargon and words that seem far removed from relating to real world plans.

Our digital marketing events engage – filled with information that can be applied in the real world, with delegates treated to step by steps with presenters who are the polar opposite of monotone, PowerPoint reliant bores. We ensure our delegates are involved and able to connect with all that’s put in front of them. And you know what? They consistently tell us of the impressive results they achieve once they get back to their business. With their new-found knowledge, they instantly improve their digital marketing campaigns – cutting costs, while accelerating the growth of their business.

What’s on next?

We’re always dreaming up the next big event – get in touch and we’ll let you in on just what we’re planning for the upcoming months. Simply fill in the form, and we’ll keep you posted.

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