Your in-house employees are perfectly placed to deliver powerful, profit improving, business boosting campaigns.

After all, they know your business better than we, or any other agency, will ever do.

They just need the digital marketing know-how. And that’s where we come in.

You want to manage your campaigns entirely in-house, and there are many compelling advantages for doing so. You may work in a data sensitive industry – and confidential campaigns are critical. You might need someone right there, everyday – every meeting, each time your industry takes a turn that you need to react to. Or, you could simply want to have comprehensive control over campaign direction. Whatever your reasons, our coaching and mentoring service is the solution. Here’s why (and how)…

We begin by explaining the insights that should guide your digital marketing campaign – digging into your existing data and reports and enlightening your key people as to how they can work out what’s working, what’s not, and how this all translates to guide your next move.

We’ll move on to a comprehensive review of your accounts – settings, campaigns, ads and keywords. Something that should be undertaken regularly, for campaigns that become more effective.

Alongside your employee, we’ll optimise your accounts – explaining the many (many settings) and how the smallest of tweaks, changes or configurations could result in big differences for the outcomes of your campaign.

We’ll dive into your audience profile – discovering how their preferences and demographics can influence the strategies that you adopt online.

We’ll expand your campaign beyond the current boundaries – helping your employees in harnessing the many, many tools and features beyond the standard AdWords setup (in the process, delivering a critical competitive edge that helps you surpass the competition)

Our experts will ensure your in-house expert manages your budget like a veteran industry pro – ring-fencing your marketing finances and ensuring that your budgets are working as hard as possible.

We’ll review your conversion tracking – enlightening whoever is listening about how every action is tracked – for monthly analysis on which your sales figures rely.

We can implement a display campaign – uncovering the invaluable places on the World Wide Web where your ads could gain stronger traction than in the traditional Google ad placements.

We can also assess strong contenders for search partners – those websites throughout the online world that could be an effective home for your marketing messages.

Access – We open the door to resources and tools

Long after we’ve left, and your team are trained and confident to craft and manage your campaigns, they’re going to need tools and resources to support their efforts.

As part of our coaching and mentoring service is a package that includes a link checking tool, that ensures you don’t pay for clicks should your website go down, or a landing page be incorrectly configured. We also provide a bunch of further tools that equip you with all that you need for optimised accounts that are operating at peak performance. These, alongside a bundle of online courses for social media, have proven their worth time and time again, for in-house teams who go on to great things.

So, how does it work?

Our coaching and mentoring service is delivered remotely – so wherever you are in the world, we’ll be able to talk via computer – sharing screens, files and able to view the same images and materials. With software that makes this interaction seamless, it’ll be like we’re right there with you (except you won’t have to make us a coffee!). We schedule fixed times of the month for these sessions (as according to your no doubt hectic schedule!).

And that, is how we do coaching and mentoring.

You might be interested to hear of the incredible results that our previous clients have and continue to secure. Our team will happily talk you through it – get in touch and we’ll explain how your in-house staff are about to deliver higher quality leads, at reduced costs per head.

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